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Time-Lapse Photography

Why Time-lapse photography?

Often we go out and try to take or make the most attractive photograph possible which usually starts out with photographing a great sunset or specific landmark, after a while, that becomes a little boring and cliche. Why not make those overly photographed places a bit more interesting by showing them with the passage of time. Time-lapse photography condenses time using hundreds of images, often several hours yield 10 to 20 seconds of footage. The workflow is quite laborious, however, the payoff is nearly always worth it. Patience and a bit of planning is required.
This short time-lapse is of the Denver skyline on an evening with the full moon. Figuring out the exposure requires a bit of guesswork and experience. It was extremely dark suddenly as the outlines of the buildings vanished soon after dusk.

April 6 2012 - Denver, Colorado
Full Moon - 0.05" inches/10 seconds with 5" exposure

(Insight): I find that when I'm in really interesting places like Siem Reap, Cambodia - I tend to avoid going to the normal and expected locations where the hordes of tourists flock together to take the same sunset photo that you can buy as a postcard at the airport. I figure, why bother, and ask my driver to continue on to another site where I can take some serious photographs of unfettered ruins while the masses are busy elsewhere. I realize I could probably get endlessly funny images of people trampling one another to get the 'closest spot' to the sunset on top of the mountain temple near Angkor Wat, but no thanks!!!
  moon rise time lapse

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