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What I've been up to:


March 2010 - Cambodia - I went to Battambang, Pailin, Phnom Penh, Kratie, Mondulkiri, Kampot/Kep, and Koh Kong... had some really interesting experiences including witnessing of UXO disposal in the field, fell into the Mekong River among other follies. Bangkok was just heating up with it's Red Shirts - I only photographed them once, since I'm not much into photographing political unrest. Completed a steadicam apparatus for a small video camera, however, I didn't bring the steadicam along on the trip to SE Asia.


Much of the year was spent building and testing various bits of DIY camera gear including light modifyers, camera holders, a panoramic tripod head, off camera flashes, beauty dishes, screens and scrims. Nov-Dec Denver, Colorado ~ working on a calendar project for some lovely ladies


Jan-Oct 2008 American Southwest ~ Colorado, Utah, and Nevada... revisiting some of my favorites with new techniques inclunding panoramic HDR. March 2008 Las Vegas ~ Attended WPPI for the first time - very good experience - recommended. The Australians took most of the awards - congrats! 2007

Jan-March 2007 Thailand, India, and Cambodia ~ Revisiting Steung Meanchey landfill in Phnom Penh was a moving experience. Photographing an upscale Cambodian wedding provided yet another vantage point with which to view the stark contrast between the two very different echelons of that society. The purified ash of those who reached Varanasi floats throughout city... a visit to this city will change a person.


September 2006 San Fran/San Jose USA ~ All things Vietnamese... including a wedding & food that encompassed items well beyond just beef tendons and grilled 'perro'. The Autumn Moon festival drew plenty of people to the narrow streets of China Town in SF.

August 2006 Anchorage, Denali & Kenai USA ~ Roulette with a mouse at the Alaskan State Fair - sure it might be a little cruel, but at least he didn't get fried up as fair fodder! More snapshots - Alaska pix

April 2006 Denver, Colorado ~ Canto de Galo - Capoeira Event

February 2006 Las Vegas/Death Valley USA


November-December 2005 THAILAND, CAMBODIA, LAOS ~ Aside from visiting the landfill in Phnom Pehn, riding thru the outback of Cambodia was an experience to remember with all of the encounters and expected mishaps of motorcycle travel. Before we departed the motorcycle shop I pointed out that my left hand brake didn't seem to work... I was informed that was the clutch (suddenly my partners were having doubts about traveling with an inexperienced rider). Travel blog | Video clip (6mb)

More snapshots - Cambodian Jaunt

June 2005 NEW MEXICO ~ Taking less than twenty photographs, I was given the opportunity to photograph five nuns from Juarez who were visiting White Sands NM.

February-March 2005 THAILAND AND MYANMAR The life of your average Burmese person isn't exactly easy or glamorous, however, they have not lost the ability to share their kind hearted spirit through their enigmatic smiles... Open dissent is risky behaviour for locals, however, many shared their thoughts and even understand the sanctions levied against their government by many first world countries. It might appear that the people of Myanmar are stuck somewhere in the past with their animal driven plows, horsecarts, and lack of unrestrained Internet access, however, is that necessarily a bad thing? Travel blog | Video clip (3mb)


North AMERICAN SOUTHWEST 2004 Overland thru Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, & Arizona.


September-October 2003 THAILAND AND VIETNAM (Incredible overland journey thru Vietnam... why then would I attempt to purchase a latex mattress? I am a photographer, right? Let's just say that I got clearance with the local post office in Dalat... so I went out and got the mattress & upon my return to the post office ((QUEEN sized mattress slung over my back)) I was welcome with jeers and the quietest snickers. Probably one of the funniest sights for these workers in years - a 'tourist' trying to mail a mattress home - maybe there was something in the water I drank? Needless to say, that mattress never made it home with me... even after I transported it to Nga Trang to try to mail it from their post office. Later, about a week later I purchased two heavy gongs... I'm a slow learner.)

March-April 2003 North AMERICAN NORTHWEST including Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Focusing on the National Parks.


October-November 2002 THAILAND, CAMBODIA, AND CHINA (All 125cc of my not so powerful motorbike were idling as I tended to my photo gear bag which was falling off of the back of the motorcycle; when out of the tree a monkey comes bounding toward me and the bike and before I knew what happened the monkey had pulled the key out of the ignition. Bike still running, I was able to recover the key, but that wasn't the last I'd see of that monkey. He returned with another buddy and attempted to rob my Pacsafe (a metal mesh bag to secure a backpack) which was locked onto the frame.) Video clip (4mb)

March 2002 North AMERICAN SOUTHWEST - Death Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Antelope Canyon


September-October 2001 THAILAND AND CAMBODIA


March 2000 BELIZE AND GUATEMALA (I wasn't so fond of Belize, so I motored over to Tikal in Guatelmala and shot numerous rolls of film only to find out that several of the rolls never advanced onto the spool - ouch... this precipitated the purchase of a Nikon N90s. My first trouble with a small primate named, Lucy (although that's not what I called her), the resident Spider Monkey who robbed my food on more than one occasion.)


April, 1999 PERU AND BOLIVIA (A short and sometimes challenging voyage thru Lima, Cusco, Lake Titicaca, a few desolate points in between, and finally La Paz. Hiking the Inca Trail was a difficult proposition without guides or porters, however, I now understand that you aren't able to hike the trail alone. Funny how hindsight is not only 20/20, but sweeter sometimes as well.)

1991 - 1996

COSTA RICA I quickly traded in my knowledge of French for Spanish after countless visits to this wonderful country that has now been largely 'discovered' en masse. I fell victim to more than one scorpion bite in some of the most inconsiderate spots... had fevers that I thought would surely do me in... used horses to drag heavy wood and cement up a mountain to build a cabin... lived in a small shack in the cloud forest of Monteverde that was 6'x12'.


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